Collegiate & Early Admissions for High School Students

Northwestern State University invites talented high school students to enroll part-time (no more than 6 hours) in the Collegiate Program.  This program is intended as a means for enriching educational experiences, and, at the same time, earning credits which may be applied toward a degree upon graduation from high school.  The Collegiate Program is available during each school session.  Students pursue regular University courses.  The courses for which a student may register will be based upon ACT scores, high school courses completed, high school courses still available to the student and the student's vocational goal. 

The Early Admissions Program is an opportunity for high-ability secondary school students who have completed six semesters of secondary school to enroll at the University as full-time students.  Upon earning twenty-four (24) semester hours of college credit, the student will be granted a high school diploma.  To be eligible for the Early Admission Program a student must complete six semesters of high school with a B or better average, have an ACT composite score of at least 25, and be recommended by his/her high school principal. Please contact the Office of Admissions for more information regarding the Early Admissions Program.