2014 - 2015 Dates to Remember

October 31 EARLY BIRD SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE -Apply, Apply, Apply! Take advantage of this great opportunity. Find out what scholarships you will be receiving from NSU before Christmas break!

November 1 N-SIDE VIEW DAY - High School Seniors and Juniors are invited to this free event to explore the many aspects of NSU. Receive great give-a-ways and free tickets to a football game.

November 8 SCHOLARS' DAY - The Louisiana Scholars' College, the state's designated honors college, here on our campus offers an open house for those interested in an honors education. Please call 1-800-838-2208 for more information.

December 1 1st PRIORITY SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE - Couldn't meet the early bird deadline? Don't panic! Apply by today to meet our 1stpriority deadline. We consider a student's academic achievement, extra-curricular involvement and leadership skills.

February 7 JUNIOR DAY - All juniors are invited for an open house and an early look at what NSU has to offer.

February 28 SPRING SCHOLARS' DAY - A second opportunity to view the state's designated honors college. Please call 1-800-838-2208 for more information.

March 1 2nd PRIORITY SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE - Don't let this opportunity pass you by! You have nothing to lose, apply for our second priority deadline.

March 7 SPRING N-SIDE VIEW DAY - A second chance to take a glance at our campus and an opportunity to take advanced placement tests.

April 18 - Graduate/Transfer Open House

FRESHMAN CONNECTION - Attend one of our orientation sessions and you will have the opportunity to meet with an academic advisor, schedule classes, learn about campus resources, meet future classmates, and have a ton of fun!

Things to Remember

Here at NSU, we do personalized campus tours at your convenience. Please call 1-800-327-1903 for an appointment to see what NSU has to offer you!

Band, choir, orchestra, and theater auditions are scheduled on an individual basis. Great scholarships are available! Please call (318) 357-4522 for an audition.