International Admission @ Northwestern State University

Application Deadlines:  July 6 for fall, November 2 for spring, April 5 for summer

All requirements must be submitted by: July 27 for fall, November 16 for spring and April 19 for summer.  If all requirements are not received by deadlines above, applications will be considered for the following semester.

International Admission Criteria

International first time freshman must have completed a recognized secondary program comparable to U.S. high school graduation, and have academic records comparable to those required to meet the freshman admission standards.  Admission decisions must be made with recommendations in nationally recognized publications.  Students should have at least completed a program of study that would recommend them for admission to a university in their country. International students for whom English is a second language are required to demonstrate English proficiency.  These students cannot need any remedial coursework and must submit SAT or ACT scores (450 Verbal and 460 Math REQUIRED).

International transfer students must have earned a transferrable Associate Degree (AA or AS) or higher from an accredited institution or meet transfer requirements.  Transfer students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA, a minimum 450 Verbal SAT, and must transfer a college level math course that satisifies the univerity core.

Steps to Admission for International Students

  1. Apply for Admission (Undergraduate & Graduate School) online and pay the application fee
  2. Submit a copy of your current passport and VISA (if applicable).
  3. Submit Evaluation of Foreign Credentials from an approved US Evaluation Agency and/or official transcript from ALL US University/College(s) (Transfers must request course by course evaluations, First Time Freshmen must request document by document evaluation with a cumulative final grade point average.)
  4. Submit Official TOEFL scores (  (Minimum TOEFL score of 500 paper, 173 computer, or 61 internet-based.) (not required for those whose native language is English, or from applicants who are transferring from another college or university from within the United States.)  AT THIS TIME WE DO NOT ACCEPT IELTS, ONLY TOEFL. 
  5. UNDERGRADUATE APPLICANTS must submit official ACT ( or SAT ( scores (see ACT/SAT/Compass Placement Chart).  New freshman must have a minimum 450 Verbal AND 460 Math.  Transfer students must have a minimum 450 Verbal and must have earned credit at former post-secondary instution for a college level math course.
  6. GRADUATE APPLICANTS must submit all required documents as required by the Graduate School to the Office of Admissions

    If you are transferring from another university or college within the US, please request that your SEVIS record be transferred to Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, LA after you have been fully admitted. 


The Language Company - The Language Company (TLC) has a site on the Northwestern State University campus, and is available to help students improve their English skills.  TLC is there to make it easier to attend the college of your choice, including Northwestern State University! Please visit for more information!


Pay the SEVIS (I-901) Fee online if this is your first time attending a university or college in the US, or if you have since left the US after studying.  The "Student Exchange & Visitor Information System" (SEVIS) is the database that is used to maintain records of international students while they study in the United States.  This is also the database that allows your foreign student advisor in the Office of Admissions to issue the form I-20.  After you receive your I-20, you will need to go to this website and pay the "SEVIS" fee if you are a new international student coming to the United States.  This record will be transferred from NSU to any other college or university in the US that you may transfer to later.

Student Housing and Meal Plans - Please visit these sites for more information.  (Please be aware that it is YOUR responsibility to secure housing while in the US.  All students under the age of 21 years old (including international students) are required to live on campus unless an exemption has been approved.  Please ensure that this exemption has been filed so that your account is not charged for housing.  You may turn in the exemption form to the foreign student advisor, who will see that it goes to the One Card Office as required.


International (F1) Student Responsibilities - As an F1 VISA holder, you must abide by these rules while studying in the United States. 

International Student Guide to NSU - A compilation of information about life at NSU, in Natchitoches, Louisiana and the United States.

Natchitoches, Louisiana - the oldest permanent settlement in the entire Louisiana Purchase, is the home of Northwestern State University. 


Current International Students

Your I-20 must be endorsed before you leave the US for an approved absence, such as the summer or holiday break.  If your VISA expires while you are in the United States, you will need to renew it the next time you go home or leave the US.

  • International Students and Social Security Numbers - A brochure from the Social Security Office that may answer a few questions you have regarding the issuance of a Social Security Number. 
  • Curricular Practical Training Request - Please complete this form if you are requesting Curricular Practical Training (CPT) as it relates to an internship or a partnership with an agency affiliated with NSU and you will be receiving credit for a course that is required or will be applied towards your degree.  In addition to this request, you will need to submit a letter from your advisor stating the need for the internship and how it relates to your degree (what you will be given credit for).  We will also need a letter from your prospective employer (on letterhead) that states the beginning and ending dates of your employment/internship.  The Office of Admissions will issue a new I-20 to you showing authorization for this employment on page 3.  Please allow a minimum of 5-7 business days for processing.  Please also be aware that full-time CPT might affect your eligibility for the full 12 months of OPT employment after graduation.
  • Optional Practical Training Request - Optional Practical Training is available to all F1 VISA holders after graduation.  The Application for OPT employment (I-765) should be made no later than 60 days prior to graduation. No offer of employment is needed to apply for OPT employment, but you are required to notify the Office of Admissions of your employer name and address once you have been employed.  The employment should be directly related to your degree and should help you to gain experience in that field.
  • Request for Program Extension - This request should be made if your plan to attend NSU past the completion date on your I-20.  A new I-20 will be issued to reflect the change.
  • Request to Drop Below Full-Time Status - In order to be considered "in status", you must maintain full-time enrollment at NSU.  If an unforeseen rare circumstance forces you do drop below full-time status, you must first obtain permission from the Office of Admissions with this request form. 
  • INTERNET CLASSES - You must enroll in a minimum of 9 hours of "face-to-face" classes (6 hours for graduate students).  No more than one internet course can count towards your full-time enrollment status. 

ISEP Students please refer to the ISEP website for more information regarding your program, or contact the Graduate School at 318-357-5851 for more information.