Non-Traditional Freshman Admission

Non-Traditional Freshman are those who are 25 years or older and have never attended a college, university or post-secondary institution after graduation from high school or receiving a GED or HiSET. 

First time freshman who are under the age of 25 years old must meet first time freshman requirements.

Non-Traditional Freshman (ages 25 and older):
Must have a high school or equivalency diploma
AND 18 or Higher ACT English Subscore (450 SAT, 68 COMPASS Writing) OR 19 or Higher ACT Math Subscore (460 SAT, 40 COMPASS Algebra)

 We will need your immunization records unless you were born before 1957 or are taking all classes online.

Please be advised if you have ever attended another college or university, either while in high school or after graduation from high school - you are required to disclose this information to NSU. Failure to disclose past attendance at any post-secondary institution can result in denial of admission and student disciplinary actions.