If you have not attended undergraduate studies at NSU within the past three consecutive semesters (including summer), you will need to:

  • Submit your Application for Admission and the $20 Application Fee
  • Request OFFICIAL transcripts to be mailed to the NSU Office of Admissions from institutions attended since you last attended NSU.

If you graduated from NSU with an undergraduate degree within the past three semesters (including summer), you will need to reapply, but you are not required to pay another application fee. 

If you participated in the Louisiana Early Start, Collegiate, or Early Admissions programs within the past three semesters (including summer), you will need to apply for undergraduate admission, but you will not be required to pay another application fee.  You will not be considered a "readmitted" student, but a first time freshman if you have not attended a post-secondary institution after your graduation from high school.

If your name has changed since you last attended NSU, please contact the University Registrar's Office for instructions on how to officially change your name on your NSU records. Until your request for name change is processed, your records will remain under your previous name.

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Please be advised if you have ever attended another college or university, either while in high school or after graduation from high school - you are required to disclose this information to NSU. Failure to disclose past attendance at any post-secondary institution can result in denial of admission and student disciplinary actions.