Parts of the Admission Process

All of the following links are parts of the admission process that students will reach along the way.  Each link gives information about that specific part of the process.

ACT/SAT/Compass Placement - Official ACT/SAT/Compass scores must come directly to the Office of Admissions from the testing agency or ACT/College Board.  Developmental coursesare to be provided by a 2-year/community college or HBCU per the LA Board of Regents.  Please contact your academic advisor or the Office of Admissions for more information regarding developmental courses.
Regent's Core Curriculum - See your high school guidance counselor to ensure you are on track to completing this curriculum.
Immunization Compliance - Page 1 is for your family doctor to complete, or page 2 can be signed if you want to request a waiver/exemption for this requirement.  Either page can be faxed to the Office of Admissions at 318.357.4660.
Selective Service Card (Males Only) - This link takes you to the Selective Service website where you can register or verify your registration. Please fax verification of your registration to the Office of Admissions at 318.357.4660