Transfer Admission

Must have a transferable Associate Degree (AA or AS) or higher from a regionally accredited institution.


18 college level hours earned with a 2.0 college level GPA on those hours (this GPA does not include remedial/developmental coursework)


Student must have completed a college-level English and a college-level Mathematics course (with a grade of "C" in both) designated to fulfill general education requirements (Examples:  English Composition I AND College Algebra or equivalents.)  Transfer students who are ages 25 or older can be admitted needing one developmental course.

*No transfer student will be admitted, even by exception, if he/she needs any remedial course work.*




Those transfers who do not have the minimum 18 college level hours earned, must also meet the first time freshman admission requirements.



Please be advised if you have ever attended another college or university, either while in high school or after graduation from high school - you are required to disclose this information to NSU. Failure to disclose past attendance at any post-secondary institution can result in denial of admission and student disciplinary actions.